About laura carmichael


Facilitator Laura Carmichael brings together skills from 25 years in the performing arts with 15 years as a corporate trainer in leadership and communication. She lives in Amsterdam where she is on the faculty at THNK, School for Creative Leadership and Innovation, and runs a number of her own forward looking programs under the Serious-Play.net banner.

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Bringing the eye of artist into a practical business context

For fifteen years Laura has been decoding crucial elements of creativity and collaboration in the performing arts and translating them to useful tools for people in other fields.

She has worked regularly at the Royal Tropical Institute Intercultural Management Training Center and was a Senior Trainer at Executive Performance Training in Amsterdam for many years.

Selected Previous Clients


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Noted for her incisive perception and lust for life, Laura has a knack for bridging information between disciplines, and adapting her vast knowledge to the individual student or client.

Looking to see the familiar in new ways

As a clarinetist she has performed with major orchestras including the San Francisco Symphony, and played at major festivals including the Berio Festival in the Berlin Philharmonie. The new and experimental have always exerted a gravitational pull on Laura, and she has collaborated with many composers in the creation of new works and in numerous cross-disciplinary projects. She is a specialist in performing contemporary music with text and theatrical settings, and her experience with vocal work became a central part of her being a voice coach for corporate clients. For years she investigated audience interaction and staged concerts in unconventional ways, rigorously looking to see the familiar in new ways.

Laura has lectured in music and collaboration at numerous universities including Harvard, Stanford, University of California at Berkeley, Davis and San Diego, Rice University, University of Chicago, and recently at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, among others.


Building new connections

An American who has been living in Amsterdam since 1999, Laura grew up in an experimental Montessori primary school then creativity based education programs for gifted students in Texas public schools, then finished high school in Michigan at the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy, followed by music school at the University of Michigan. She studied anthropology and German literature, gaining an academic rigor alongside creative expression of music performance.

Thereafter she lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she engaged in numerous music projects, ran her own ensemble, taught music to inner-city youth and young children while witnessing the dot-com boom. In 1999 she moved to Europe and did a masters study at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

Since 1990 she has seriously engaged in studying body-mind training systems, not only to support her professional performance work, but also in large part to help her recover from a major car accident in which her spine was broken. Since that time she has studied Alexander Technique, taiji, meditation, mindfulness and peak performance techniques. Additional interests include neuroscience, whole systems design, human rights, and the impact of early childhood development.