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Working with a diverse pool of experts to bring you a dynamite experience, tailored to your industry and needs.


Besides delivering programs and services as an individual, I collaborate with a number of top notch coaches, trainers and facilitators to expand a client's possibilities.


Digital Leadership & INNOVATION

Gisèle Legionnet - Feeling Digital

Gisèle has years corporate experience as a UX designer at Vodafone and the eye of an artist. She is a Scrum Master and fluent in Agile. Between us we cover some geography and inter-cultural ground: Gisèle is French born and educated, and a long term resident of Germany. I'm US born and a long term resident of the Netherlands, with a strong personal connection to Turkey. As a team we offer a broad perspective from the arts & business, and a shared passion for design thinking and humane values.

Together we've created Feeling Digital, to help senior corporate leaders sculpt their digital leadership in a practical & meaningful way. Move from analog to digital via a unique well-rounded process that combines design thinking, personal and interpersonal development tools and hands-on practice with technology. The process addresses dilemmas of hierarchy, creating focus in a time of distraction, self-organizing for success, and building positive momentum that helps group brilliance emerge. We help you move into the digital world with confidence, strategy and vision, rather than anxiety and reactivity. Our program centers on these three areas that teach skills that travel:

  • Creating Trust & Storytelling
  • Savvy communication skills & self awareness tools to create positive group dynamics
  • Creative problem solving


Agility, inclusion & resilient leadership

Alasdair Graham - Apex Discovery

Alasdair's couples his background in science and business with executive coaching. His analytical strengths and experience with numerous assessment tools, brilliantly complements my creative leadership and presence tools. Together we support uncommon leaders who want to create an uncommon culture of high engagement by leveraging the strength of diversity.

Our joint program focuses on:

  • Leadership
  • Agility & Innovation
  • Resilience
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Self-awareness & Communication

 Organization Builders - Holocracy Training

My main attraction to holocracy is that it makes it hard to kill a good idea, and heightens awareness of process. I see it as a structure that helps avoid some of our more negative patterns around power. In combination with Organization Builders, I offer communication training, so people can listen well, get their ideas across and maximize the structure.

Together with Apex Discovery we offer a comprehensive organizational culture model.


TRUE COLOuRS - embrace your full spectrum

Dr. Sharmishtha Dattagupta - Dana Coaching

Sharmishtha is a trained coach specialized in working with high-performing women in academia and social entrepreneurship. She brings twenty years experience as a scientist and former professor at Göttingen University in Germany, where she landed after study in the US and growing up in India. No stranger conscious transcultural competences, her holistic approach includes her strong connection with nature, many years of mindfulness practice, and her sharp analytic mind.

True Colours is our joint program for women who want to bring the insight of their "outsider" experience to bear in their work life, to create more meaning & impact. It's time to move beyond inner critical thinking and self-doubt, to embrace uncertainty to lead change. We offer workshops for individual women (entrepreneurs and social change agents) and an in-company workshop on identifying your authentic leadership style and voice: how diverse leadership styles contribute to more effective decision making for a team and company.



Giovanna Manto - Healthy Change Coaching

Giovanna grew up in Italy, and has international business experience, including an MBA from INSEAD in Organizational Psychology. She deeply understand the theoretical underpinnings of the mind-traps that can limit us, and how to shift out of them from a values based practice. Coupled with my expertise in changing communication habits and physical & vocal awareness, we help corporate clients create an inspiring and positive environment and maximize team engagement.





I'm on the faculty at THNK, which regularly runs Frontline Innovation programs as well as a 6 month Creative Leadership training program in Amsterdam, Vancouver, Lisbon & Shanghi. The Innovation programs combine Design Thinking and Business innovation processes with multiple trainers/facilitators. Wanting to think big & scale new processes, products or services? THNK can accommodate large scale change programs, often arching over several months and running vertically throughout an organization's leadership & management.




individual specialties

My uniqueness springs from combining the mindset of an artist with solid techniques to embed innovation processes & tools in a corporate environment, and the ability to collaborate with people different to me.
My values: integrity, adventure, extremely high standards, & respect for client's expertise and wisdom



Borrowing from Liz Lerman's tried and tested CRP - Critical Response Process, you receive an experiential, facilitated workshop in how to get meaningful feedback on anything. Get beyond mere cheerleading or defensiveness that shuts down creativity. This process evolved out of the arts twenty years ago, and I've been using it in combination with coaching tools on the nature of feedback, to create dynamic change in the way people give and receive criticism. The results are that participants are left motivated to get right back to work, from a place of connection & creativity.

The open mindset - CREATIVITY & INNOVATION Toolkit

Learn the mind-set that results in creative outcomes and innovative culture. Synthesize data and analysis into original solutions to break the formulaic status-quo and come up with new ideas. Also known as the "learning mindset," discover why this one element can pivot your organization's culture into forward-motion.

Great for broadening your brainstorming toolkit, or applying some new approaches to a tough challenge.
Practical ways to have meetings with more impact.


Inspiring Communication

Trainings on The Art of Poise: how to have powerful physical & vocal presence in your communication, especially for women. If you've heard of Amy Cuddy's research on presence, you could say this is the "how to." It's not what you say, but how you say it. Address double-bind issues of gender and cultural conditioning. Eliminate the perception of arrogance or invisibility. Replace the need to prove, push, or hide with Presence. 

The program Ballast focuses on anchoring yourself under stress and dealing with stage fright. Success in communication doesn't have to be random. Be seen and heard. See and Hear. Get the message across. Bring your strategic maturity forward. Body- Mind support: sharpen physical-mental energy, vocal presence and power. Rid yourself of de-powering habits.

Gender diversity is a business strategy - reimagining leadership

Everyone in a company benefits from a broad definition of leadership – how it looks, sounds and thinks. In this program, participants identify their individual, authentic strengths as women or other non-stereotypical leaders. Gain confidence to stand behind your unique qualities and advocate for your point of view for how it can positively impact your business, teamwork, collaboration, innovation, and engagement.  


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