private sessions

for individual professionals

My private coaching sessions can offer you a selection of the same skills I teach in workshops: presence, poise, sparking your original ideas and presenting them with authority and connection. Playing it safe in terms of visibility and leadership? Not sure why the inside and outside don't always match?

Befriend the Monkey Mind and get down to your real work

Overcome your blocks (fears, limiting beliefs), and empower yourself. Unlock your authentic voice, both literally and figuratively.

I combine tools from the performing arts, corporate training and Tara Mohr's Playing Big, in which I am a trained facilitator.



Expect compassion, humor, deep inquiry, play

Get out of your head, use your whole self to claim your creative potential, hone your vision, and make practical steps to make the world a better and more meaningful place, starting with yourself. 

Find your own cutting edge, get unstuck, and discover how you can change your mind-set.

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Attune your Presence

Why do you sometimes not make the impression you intended (and other times you do)? Not heard, not clear, not inspiring? My coaching work can help you: 

  • become more convincing
  • learn a new relationship with self-doubt
  • use all sides of yourself to be an inspiring communicator in all kinds of settings

images above by Nicolas Delamotte Legrand

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What will it cost?

$85-$250 per session, depending on the trajectory and context. Sessions are 70 minutes in length, including a debrief summary and action plan. A series of three to eight lessons is usually recommended, depending on your goals. A clear trajectory is agreed on in the first meeting. Sessions can be in-person or online via Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangouts/Zoom meeting room.

Want to schedule a free 30-minute trial session to see if it's right for you? Email for an appointment in person or via Skype/Zoom meeting room.

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