GUIDING principles

self aware communication & meaningful feedback

Success in communication doesn't have to be random. Savvy up your personal awareness and presence to communicate with poise and power.  Get the message across. Eliminate the perception of arrogance or invisibility. Claim your authentic physical & vocal presence. Know yourself so you can operate from strategy rather than habit and become impossible to stereotype.

growth mindset & Creativity

Learn the mind-set that results in creative outcomes and innovative culture. Synthesize data and analysis into original solutions to break the formulaic status-quo and come up with new ideas. Also known as the "learning mindset" or "creative mindset," discover how this one element can pivot you and your organization's culture into forward-motion.


Everyone is susceptible to abuse of power. What creates leadership that avoids the pitfalls of dehumanizing others or making impulsive decisions? Taking Dacher Keltner’s research on the Power Paradox as a starting place, amplified by Brené Brown’s research, we dive into solutions for individuals and organizations.

Inclusive culture

We offer experiential trainings on how lead cognitive diversity. How to include others, and how to include all sides of yourself. Be seen and heard. See and Hear. Sift out the noise and harvest the best ideas. Create an inspiring environment where talent grows and thrives. Address double-bind issues of gender and cultural conditioning. 

COLLABORATION not competition

Shift from the drain of restraint to high-gear inspiration. By creating empathy, trust and mutual respect you maximize team intelligence.

innovation processes

Apply innovation and design thinking tools to amplify brainstorming and creative problem solving.

You can innovate on any product or service, but also on less conventional internal things like your company culture & KPIs. 

Critical Response Process

Learn tools from the acclaimed CRP - developed by Liz Lerman to get and give value-based precise feedback that moves your team forward.