What an adventure! This work is for anyone in a high-powered position who wants to step it up a notch.
— A.W., Economist, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

On In-company programs:


Nate King, ServiceNow, Supervisor Accounting

"Very relevant to current issues at ServiceNow as we grow. Great information and content. 

Five out of Five Stars for professionalism and expertise."


Roberto Tovor, ServiceNow, Payroll Information Specialist

"Excellent communicator and moderator. Ideas were clearly transmitted to the group. I gained insight on how my self-awareness can impact teamwork.

Five out of Five Stars for overall quality and value, and an atmosphere that  stimulated interaction and learning." 


Johan van der Vliet, ServiceNow, Senior Revenue Accountant

"Five out of Five Stars for overall quality and value, professionalism and expertise.

Great! Very helpful first step to become more aware of how I can be more impactful as a manager." 


Leo Eveleens, ServiceNow, Pay Roll Manager

"Five out of Five Stars for professionalism and expertise. Very good observer – sharp! Very beneficial to attend this workshop."


on creativity workshops:

Laura offers a tool box of techniques in order to spur one’s creativity. The good news is that creativity can be learnt. It is a matter of exercising. After the workshop I felt alert, rested, and intellectually fulfilled. I would recommend it. Very insightful and pleasant.
— P.L. - Executive Search Consultant
...liberating; fascinating; enlightening.
If you want to experience a different way or thinking; a different way of being, go take Laura’s workshop. It’s as simple as that.

Kate Gaertner, Sound Machine Inc., CEO/Founder of OMALA LLC, a sustainable women's activewear lifestyle company

"I joined Laura’s Serious Play workshop in Amsterdam, October 2015, because it appealed to my rational, business-side while teasing the latent, not-always conscious creative side in me. I’d been in serious myopic life mode - thinking linearly about my life; stuck in repetitive and non-productive thinking about what to do with my professional career that had been side-lined since my move from the U.S. to Europe and generally, feeling pretty down on myself and unable to get out of the rut of my current thinking. 
Laura introduces a series of exercises for getting you out of your head and to be present in the “here and now” in order to enforce present-moment being/thinking.
There is significant time to journal and write down “now” moments and thoughts. In fact, that part of the workshop was completely unexpected and yet, extremely rewarding.

The free-flow of thoughts and ideas was liberating; fascinating; enlightening. 

A couple hours into the workshop and most definitely, on the second day, I came to welcome the physical forms of exercise - they were fun, fanciful, the kid-in-you inducing. I found myself giggling and laughing like a child and...it felt great.
The methodologies that Laura utilizes to get you out of your logical/rational/analytical mind and into free-flow creative was exactly what made me feel good.

And you know what, the reinforcement that Creative is not something related to creative-type people but is in fact, native in all of use coupled with the idea that tapping Creative thought can be done using methodologies taught and practiced in Laura’s Serious Play workshop, was literally, an eye-popping, holly-Jesus serendipitous epiphany. I mean, who would have thunk that you can tap the Creative in you by using Methods so simple and effective? 

Post-workshop, I felt energized, relaxed, open to new opportunities and importantly, able to see many multiple paths for moving forward with my professional endeavors. 
Life didn’t feel stuck or daunting. It felt more alive with possibilities that were most definitely in my reach. 

If you want to experience a different way or thinking; a different way of being, go take Laura’s workshop. It’s as simple as that."

Aspasia Nasopoulou, Amsterdam

“A fresh and surprising training; combining physical preparation with relaxation -approaching your subconscious- up to connecting your mental with your emotional layers. Putting questions and giving space for reflection, it gave me not only interesting tools that I can use in my own professional practice, but also it raised questions to look at further for my personal awareness.”


Nancy Braithwaite, professor at Codarts, Rotterdam about the online course

"Laura’s coaching skills are amazing. She knows just how to encourage the participants to move past their individual obstacles into the following step. Although I am well established in my field, the course gave me the tools, insight  and inspiration to move forward on several of my own projects. The overall effect of the course for me has been very freeing!"


Helen Vreedeveld, Docent Hermitage Museum/Artist, Amsterdam

“Laura Carmichael is a very clear minded, driven, sincere and enthusiastic workshop leader/coach.”